6 May 2021

The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring | Flooring Junction

Vinyl flooring has long been one of the most popular options for a range of different applications in commercial projects. Vinyl has come a long way, surpassing other low-cost materials such as linoleum and rubber, and is now used in some degree in almost all commercial spaces. Here, we’re looking into the advantages of using vinyl flooring, to better understand why it is so popular.


A leading reason for the popularity of vinyl flooring is that it is one of the most affordable floor coverings on the market. Though prices will vary depending on the type of vinyl, quality and thickness, the overall cost is often significantly less when compared to other floor coverings.


With vinyl flooring, you can choose from a wide range of designs to achieve your aesthetic. Vinyl is available in a range of block colours, patterned designs and other styles, meaning almost any look can be achieved. For example, vinyl is available in a hardwood look which can transform any room in your commercial space without spending a fortune on genuine hardwood, which is often more difficult and costly to maintain. Some vinyl options also carry anti-slip properties which are suitable for wet areas such as showers or in a commercial spaces where slips and trips are a concern such as aged care facilities.

Easy to maintain 

Vinyl floors have a resilient protective coating that makes them more resistant to stains and dirt when compared to other flooring options. To ensure optimal quality, it is recommended that dirt and grit is swept off the floor regularly to maintain surface quality. It is also recommended that and a damp mop is used regularly with vinyl floor cleaner to remove stains, spills, and splashes.


Vinyl tile floors are commonly used in bathrooms, multi-unit developments and aged care as they’re highly water-resistant. Well-installed vinyl tiles are impervious to water penetration, making them perfect options to use for high-moisture spaces.

Great insulators and comfortable underfoot 

Vinyl flooring also works well when insulating a space, as vinyl does not tend to get cold in the winter. Vinyl creates an insulating layer, making it comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet, and it also features a padded underlayer which makes it softer when compared to wood or ceramic tile floors.


Vinyl floors are generally long-lasting. As with any building material, the durability of vinyl will depend on its quality, but as a rule of thumb, high-quality variants will be extremely durable. Some vinyl floors contain a PU finish which will only require occasional buffing and polishing (depending on the traffic and wear as well as the colour chosen) while other more costly vinyl floors never can be treated so that they do not need to be waxed or polished at all. Although these options have a higher up front cost, less ongoing maintenance across the product lifecycle may lead to lower long term costs.

Invest in the right flooring option today

If you’re looking for an economical, easy-to-maintain, and resilient flooring option which provides you with a range of design options, vinyl flooring may be right for you. They’re a popular option for a reason, and most professionals will recommend vinyl flooring for commercial applications, thanks to the material’s slip-resistance and anti-static properties. To find out if vinyl floor tiles are for you, consult with us today! We can provide you with sound advice and discuss the best flooring option for your specific flooring needs.