Laminate flooring samples in a range of stains.
3 March 2021

Laminate Floors: Benefits, Trends, & Applications | Flooring Junction

Laminate Floors: Benefits, Trends, and Applications 

Laminate flooring has come a long way. Advances in quality and design have seen it become a durable and versatile commercial flooring option that features in many new builds. In this blog, we take you through the benefits of laminate flooring, look at popular styles and recent trends, and outline some key areas where laminate would be a great choice for your next project.

Keep reading to get the rundown on laminate and see if it’s right for your project.

A Durable, Versatile Flooring Option

Laminate flooring is a synthetic hard flooring material made of multiple layers. This layering strengthens the product, making it a durable option for NZ buildings. It copes well with strong sunlight and harsh UV rays when compared to natural timber due to a special coating. Laminate is also more resistant to scratches than traditional timber, making it ideal for entryways in office buildings and areas with heavy foot traffic.

Modern, high-quality laminates have strong joining systems meaning that they can resist small water spills. For wet areas like bathrooms, advanced laminate products with waterproof layers can be used. Another benefit of laminate flooring is that it is easy to maintain. Laminates do not require oiling or resurfacing, and simply need to be swept and mopped to stay in good condition.

Gorgeous Timber Trends


Laminate has has a resurgence in popularity into fashion due to advanced styles which mimic natural timber exceptionally well. A photographic image of the wood is applied to the core layer and covered with another protective melamine layer. High-quality laminates replicate the grain of real wood, and some even achieve a similar texture for a finish that can hardly be distinguished from true timber flooring.

Popular styles include extra wide and long laminate planks, which add depth to a room. Laminate comes in a wide variety of finishes, including whitewash, natural wood look, and grey colourings. Laminate planks can even be created with a distressed texture for a rustic look.

A Wide Variety of Applications

Laminate can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications. For office buildings, laminate provides a sophisticated look in foyers and can handle the high traffic of an entranceway. Different finishes and patterns can be used to differentiate areas in an open-plan office, and the material pairs well with carpet for a textural and visually exciting floor.

In commercial apartments, hotels and group builder homes, laminate makes a great choice for living areas and bedrooms.  The large range of finishes ensures that a style can be found to match any aesthetic, from light and bright to warm rich wooden tones. Laminate planks can be laid in unique patterns such as the herringbone style to create a feature point in the room.

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