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11 November 2021

Choosing the Right Flooring for Apartment Buildings & Multi-Unit Developments | Flooring Junction

Choosing the Right Flooring for Apartments & Multi Unit Developments


Creating an impact is important for architects, designers and developers and this can be achieved by choosing the right flooring for your apartment or multi-unit development. Comfort, simplicity and cost are all important elements when selecting flooring, so read on for some recommendations from Flooring Junction – New Zealand’s leading commercial flooring company


What are the Latest Trends in Flooring for Apartments & Multi-Unit Developments?


Hard flooring springs to mind when you think of a multi-unit development or apartment complex and we typically deal with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), laminate or timber, depending on the nature of the project.

For example, developers of a multi-unit development with a focus on cost effective materials and lower maintenance might opt for LVT which is traditionally wood look, quick and cost effective to supply and install and is excellent for ongoing maintenance due to its ability to endure heavy foot traffic. As LVT is installed as individual planks, where one is damaged it can be replaced – this avoids the need for significant ongoing maintenance costs.

With many options in the market, end purchasers of apartments are very discerning and pay attention to the details used in construction.  Laminate flooring is a commonly used in apartments & mutli-unit developments as it is very close to the look and feel of traditional timber, though is harder wearing and more resistant to scratching. It is installed via a floating method and laid over an underlay which is particularly important for sound absorption in multi floor dwellings.

The look and feel of a traditional timber is unquestionable and adds a level of luxury to any apartment complex or multi-unit development. We typically supply and install engineered timber, though solid timber flooring is also available. Engineered timber has a top layer of timber, reinforced with an engineered core typically a multi layer ply and can be installed via a floating method or direct stick. Engineered timber is available in a huge range of species, colours, textures and patters ranging from the more traditional oaks, through to herringbone styles.

Noise reduction for Multi Level Living


Acoustic and sound issues should also be considered when selecting hard flooring, particularly in multi floor developments. Various commercial grade underlays are available to compliment the flooring selected and greatly reduce the transfer of sound. Speak to Flooring Junction today about hard flooring for your development.

Finally, carpet exudes warmth and comfort and is the flooring of choice in apartment and multi unit bedrooms given its natural sound absorption properties. While carpet creates a luxurious feel, it is naturally dense and soft and is typically thick and paired with a foam underlay, helping to significantly reduce noise transfer. It is available in solution dyed nylon ranges that are known for their resistance to UV and fade, or in wool which is synonymous with texture and is a more natural and environmentally sustainable selection.  decision.

Our friendly and experienced team is happy to advise you on the ideal flooring for your development, so why not reach out today?

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